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تعرفوا الى سندي، اول موقع الكتروني مصمم لتعزيز الوصول الى فحص نقص المناعة البشري. يسعى الموقع الى تحسين نوعية الخدمات ومحاربة الوصم من خلال مؤشرات ترشد المستخدمين الى المواقع الخالية من التمييز. تصفحوا لمعرفة الخدمات المتوافرة بالقرب منكم.

About Us

The M-Coalition is the only regional HIV/AIDS advocacy network specifically devoted to the needs of LGBT in the MENA region. It was established in January 2014 in response to a shared concern that current HIV strategies and responses in the region are not adequately responsive to MSM and later expanded to include all aspects of health for MSM. In 2018, M-Coalition officially started working on health needs for Lesbian women and transgender populations. The M-Coalition is governed by a collegially appointed, 7-member steering committee of regionally recognized LGBT advocates and HIV/AIDS professionals drawn from multiple countries in the MENA region.

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