“Meaningful engagement of key populations within global fund processes in the MENA region.”
Workshop organized by M-Coalition and ITPC MENA with the facilitation of MSMGF
Marrakech, Morocco – December19-20, 2016

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I have been diagnosed HIV+ now what?
It is always shocking for someone to find out that they are HIV+ whether a person’s lifestyle poses a risk to be infected on not. Many, if not most, are saddened and frustrated. What come after are usually feelings of guilt, self-loathing or sometimes depression and despondence but after a period of time a person starts accepting. For some it could be days, months or even more when a person finally accepts the facts, builds up the courage and picks up the pieces. Through this short fiction film we aim to impact newly diagnosed individuals to know that life does not stop when diagnosed.

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Our Mission

The mission of « M-Coalition » is to coordinate on local, regional and international levels in order to facilitate the access of MSM in the Arab world to, services of prevention, care, treatment and quality support… Read More

Our Operating Goals

The work of the M-Coalition is organized around five specific goals to be achieved in the Arab region:

• Strengthened regional, sub-regional, and national networks of MSM across the Arab region linked to each other… Read More

Our Values

• No discrimination and equality
• Respect
• Transparency and accountability
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