The mission of « M-Coalition » is to coordinate on local, regional and international levels in order to facilitate the access of MSM in the Arab world to, services of prevention, care, treatment and quality support through advocacy, creation of a favorable environment, capacity building and follow-up, research, exchange of good practices and, by collaborating with other structures of health and human rights.


The vision of M-Coalition is an Arab world where right to health and all other human rights of men who have sex with men (MSM) are recognized, realized and protected.


• No discrimination and equality
• Respect
• Transparency and accountability
• Evidence based approach with no ideological, political or religious considerations
• Rights based approach on health
• Openness to collaborations with key stakeholders
• Social justice

Operating Goals

The work of the M-Coalition is organized around five specific goals to be achieved in the Arab region:

  1. Strengthened regional, sub-regional, and national networks of MSM across the Arab region linked to each other; including networks of MSM living with HIV, networks of organizations working on human rights, and those working on sexual and bodily rights;

  2. Increased knowledge and data on MSM and HIV through the promotion of research and its broad-based dissemination locally, regionally and internationally

  3. Increased investment (funding) in effective HIV prevention, care, treatment and support programs for MSM

  4. Expanded coverage of (roll out of and access to) quality HIV-related services for MSM

  5. Decreased stigma, discrimination, and violence against MSM


The M-Coalition works to ensure an effective response to the rapidly escalating HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men (MSM) in the Arab world, including the consequent support, treatment and care needs of HIV-positive MSM.  The M-Coalition will accomplish this through advocacy, information exchange, knowledge production, networking, and capacity building activities, sustained over time at the local and regional level. The M-Coalition also strives to involve MSM and MSM living with HIV at all levels of its strategy, policy development and implementation, and internal governing processes.