What is the M-Coalition Membership? The M-Coalition is a network of activists promoting the right for health among MSM in the Middle East and North Africa region. A member of our Coalition is any individual or Organization who shares our vision of having health rights and other rights for MSM recognized, realized and protected. When your work involves activism for MSM, LGBT and/or HIV and reproductive health then you have found a friend.

Why become a member of the M-Coalition? The M-Coalition would grow with its members, as your experiences and your first hand encounters with our community needs are vital for a cohesive and better delivery of services. In return, being part of the Coalition you are granted access to the M-Coalition forum where you are able to share your research, promote your events and stay up to date with what activities are being organized both locally and in the region. The membership also provides access to directory of key organizations and individuals in the field of HIV and health, MSM rights, Gender Studies and human rights as well as list you on the directory.

How do I become a member?
Simply fill out the form below and the Coalition staff would then review the form and get back to you. ——— Once the membership is approved you will be sent your sign in credentials with your email and a password to which you can reset upon initial log in.

Kindly note that —— the organizational membership acts the same as the regular membership, expect that forum management and contacts would be done in the name of the organization.
The following form and membership DO NOT have any legal or financial binding, it is an extended arm of collaboration and networking to better serve our communities united.

All Organizations and Networks will not be referred to as members but as friends of the Coalition. The register to the M-Coalition forum simply implies interest in the M-Coalition scope of work and an interest in collaborating on projects where applicable. We would reach out to you for your expertise and we hope you would reach out to us in return, as the M-Coalition will put you in touch with local, regional and international networks of the same field of work so that everyone can improve, create their own collaborations and join efforts in the work we all believe in.

For more information on Organizational or Network membership kindly email your requests to M-Coalition Project Coordinator d.hanna@afemena.org.

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