Moodle Certified Partner – SANADI 2.0

By October 6, 2021Careers

Sanadi 2.0 is a complex activity which puts together different aspects of service delivery, knowledge, networking and emergency preparedness. By working together with professionals and different partners in MENA and beyond we are able to improve service delivery, specifically for key populations and to equip activists with tools and knowledge to better respond to emergencies and unconventional situations. The biggest pillar in Sanadi 2.0 is the E-learning course (e-Sanadi) which provides access for individuals without the need for travel or physical presence. This will allow for maximum participation and support for organizations following the Covid19 lockdown procedures being implemented worldwide.

The content of each chapter will be handled by an organization from MENA with support from other institutions or global organizations (MPACT, PREPSTER, HIV i-Base). The purpose of this is to make sure the content is well prepared and matches the updated recommendations on the theme in discussion. Currently, we are developing the first pilot module on MSM service delivery using Moodle, and it will be launched one the 1st December 2021 (World Aids Day).

For more details on how to apply, kindly follow this link

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