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We are looking for individuals who thrive on learning experiences and communication to take on new positions for SANADI 2.0!

In these challenging times, we are presented with an opportunity to continuously strengthen community cohesion and our collective responsibility towards society. We have witnessed the importance of one another, particularly due to the disparity in governmental support.  In the MENA region, we see this even more concerning health and the LGBTQIA+ community. The new pandemic has shown the vulnerability of our health systems and that of our standard civil society programming.

SANADI- which translates to “my support”- is a project aimed at facilitating communication and access to HIV and sexual health services around the MENA region. Launching in 2016, it highlighted the vital importance of preserving and facilitating the access for LGBTQ+ individuals to health services. Due to the success of SANADI, M-Coalition and AFE have decided to expand it into an even bigger platform that enables the community to have more reach, services, and upgrades through an even friendlier user portal.

SANADI 2.0 will add precision and efficiency, focusing on bettering services by strengthening the skills of the people behind the latter. 

M-CO in partnership with AFE is offering a multitude of work avenues, ranging from national positions, to regional and global. We are looking for people who consider themselves active advocates for innovative change in the world. People who consider social change an act of giving back rather than an act of giving, and who thrive in collaboration and exchanging knowledge and experience.

If you fit in these attributes, please check out these links:

To view TOR for e-learning, this consultancy is international available for applicants globally

To view TOR mapping Sanadi, this consultancy is regional available for applicants residing in countries of the Middle East and North Africa

To view TOR for Health Index, this consultancy is available fir applicants residing in Lebanon

To apply, please click on the below link and fill your information:

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